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IF NOT WHY NOTLondon · Freelance Website Design & Development

Hi There!

I’m a freelance website developer based in London.

My aim is to create the best online experiences possible. I love my clients and I endeavour to build great partnerships through hard work and an open approach.

I work with companies of all sizes; Agencies, individuals with a great idea, start ups and small to medium sized businesses that want the best.

Interested? Then drop me a line.

Stuff You Might Want To Ask

Are You Available?

Yes I am! As of right now, I’m available for projects. Get in touch and let’s have a chat about how I can help you.

Can We Meet Up For A Chat?

We certainly can! As I’m a London based developer we can arrange to meet up somewhere in the big smoke, or I can travel to where you are as long as it’s not too far. Alternatively, I’m always happy to arrange a call first.

How Do You Work?

Well, I firmly believe that an honest and very open approach creates the best product. I work closely with my clients throughout the entire lifecycle of a project to ensure that both sides know what is happening and when.

Can I check on progress once you’re underway?

Why yes. I set up a project area were you can keep an eye on how we’re doing. I provide regular progress updates and have various sign off points throughout the project

Can I change my requirements during a project?

Of course! Flexibility is key and I understand that as things develop my clients are better able to visualise where they want to go. Obviously big changes may affect the budget or schedule.

Who owns the final designs and code?

Upon delivery, it’s all yours. We create an agreement at the start of a project that will handover ownership of the deliverables on final sign-off. I may use open source libraries or 3rd party applications but I’ll let you know about these. I may also purchase fonts, stock imagery or other assets on your behalf.

What about fixing bugs?

My work isn’t shoddy and I fully expect to deliver all the code bug free. However, I will of course maintain the code and fix any niggles for a reasonable amount of time and make sure everything is just fine.

How much will it cost?

Ah, a good question! That will depend on what you want. If you get in touch with me, I’ll happily discuss your requirements, budget and timescale and make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

How I Work


Let's Have A Chat

We go through your ideas, discuss what you want to get out of the project and get things moving.


Plan & Research

We review the goals of the site, key dates and strategies as well as potential technologies and design ideas to refine the information collected so far.


Get It On Paper

I’ll collate all the info into a scope doc for the project and provide an estimate based on our discussions, as well as the phases and delivery dates so we’re all on the same page.



We take your ideas and convert them to something beautiful. First is the home page draft. Once that’s right we go ahead and create the rest of the site templates.


Code It Up

This is where the magic starts. The designs are translated into HTML / CSS templates, all to the latest web and accesibility standards. You get access to a stage environment where you can start playing with the site.


Integrate & Test

Once the templates are right, they are integrated into a CMS (if required). All of the content that you’ve worked so hard on is added into the site and everything comes to life! We test the site and iron out any niggles.


Go Live

The day of reckoning, but don’t worry, I’ll be there to pick up any issues and support throughout.


Training & Support

Your shiney new site is up and running. Smiles all round! I’ll show you how to use the CMS, if you had one put in, and should you come accross any issues or niggles (which you won’t), I’ll get fixed in a jiffy.



The obligatory beer and pats on the back all round for a job well done.

What I Do

I work on everything from small portfolio sites to full blown ecommerce and content managed systems. I craft with care and attention to detail, after all, it’s the little things that make the big differences!

I build to the latest web and accessibility standards. I’m geared up in HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, PHP and MySQL. I work in a variety of frameworks including Laravel and code igniter. I’m CMS agnostic which means I work with whatever is best for you!

If none of the above makes any sense to you, don’t worry – it’s my job to translate this sort of gobbledegook into stuff you can understand.

I’ll will recommend technology that I think best fits your needs but, if you have ideas to bring to the table, I won’t force you down a particular route.

When you take me on, you’ll be working directly with myself or a hand picked team of amazing people, bringing your ideas to life, not an account manager in sight.

Still not convinced? Have a look at my work.

The London Style Agency

The original site had poor navigation, a badly implemented Content Management System, wasn’t optimised for search engines in the slightest and had issues when viewing on tablets and mobiles.

The navigation and layout were re-worked to create a more consistent user experience. The entire structure was re-written semantically to optimise the site and then migrated it to a shiny new CMS built around the primary content, the Galleries.

An updated layout based on a grid frame work to aid the responsive design. Better navigation, better image presentation and additional pages for the artists biographies.

All pages baed on templates, built to the latest accessibility and web standards, using HTML5, CSS3 to realise the design, JQuery lightboxes and slideshows.

The Perch CMS was integrated into the site to manage the creation of new pages for artists, galleries and biographies.

The site was built responsively so that the site content is always presented in the best possible way on the device which it’s being viewed.

The London Style Agency built by ifnotwhynot -

The Kings Club

The task was to re-build the site from the ground up, using most of the original content, to make it easier to use and to provide a more engaging experience but with a youthful and energetic spin. The staff needed to be able to update the site easily with new classes, announcements and have tyne option to add additional sports pages when required.

A custom design based upon original logo and sports club branding. The design allows for sensible separation of the content in each of the different sections of the site.

Page templates built to the latest accessibility and web standards using HTML5, CSS3 to realise the design.

Use of the Perch CMS to allow for the entire site to be updated. This includes the ability to create entire new sections and pages, switch on and off individual blocks of content to tailor those pages, a calendar of events and a news page. The site templates integrated with the CMS create an incredibly flexible design to future proof as much as is possible.

The Kings Club Web site built by ifnotwhynot -

Louisa Tebbutt, Pencil Drawings

Taking the artists own design, this was converted into a site primarily aimed at showing off the amazing, photo realistic pencil sketches. The site revolves around the galleries, and so the CMS was built to easily accommodate updates and the addition / management of these.

Crafted in HTML5 and CSS3 with a sprinkling of JQuery to give the end user access to the incredible pencil drawings in a slideshow format.

The CMS used was Perch with the gallery plugin to allow the client to fully manage all of the albums and images.

Louisa Tebbutt, Pencil Sketches - Built by

Thank you for your enquiry

We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.


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How do we get in touch?

Please provide further project details, deadlines, existing site information if you have one, any ideas you already have. The more you can provide the better!!

Approximate budget, if known?